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Arkansas Toothpick

The Arkansas toothpick is a heavy dagger that has a straight but pointed blade which measures from 12 to 20 inches. It is called a toothpick because it can balance itself regardless of its thickness. It is also used as a throwing weapon. This means the Arkansas toothpick can also be utilized in slashing and thrusting.

The inventor of the Arkansas toothpick, James Black, is also the creator of the Bowie Knife, although there are no confirmed evidences to prove this point. The Arkansas toothpick was originally used as a weapon for seamen during the 19th century. There are claims that even say that this was used way back the 18th century. Since it is a heavy dagger, the is carried across the back of the user and wrapped in a holster.

When Bowie got the Bowie knife from the creator James Black, he became a citizen of Texas. He was then attacked by three men who was paid to kill him. Bowie however killed his supposed murdered with the use of his Bowie knife. Since the Arkansas toothpick is said to have come from the same creator, it also has the potential to do as such because of its efficient features that are similar with the Bowie knife.

Bowie was also known to have been the first to show how to hurl the Arkansas toothpick. When done with the right aim and precision, this can be a deadly weapon which collectors fancy that’s why they are always on the look-out for this particular knife so that they can add it to their collection.

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